These days, when the entire nation checks the concentration of ultrafine dust before going out, MicroOne Co., Ltd. has been walking on a single road for the atmospheric environment since its foundation in March 2006, like a company name that means “you can’t miss even a minute dust.” We have been constantly worrying and researching to reduce the concentration of fine dust emissions at each industrial site and improve the dust collection process. Starting with Korea’s leading industrial filter bag manufacturer, manufacturer specializing in rear-end facilities including dust collectors, and furthermore, power plant dust collection facilities, low-temperature SCR, and business waste incinerator EPC business.

In the future, MicroOne will always prioritize customer interests through compliance with environmental regulations, improved energy efficiency, safe workplaces, strict quality control, thorough air compliance, and responsible A/S. We will continue to strengthen our technology and improve our quality to satisfy our customers’ NEEDS. I will keep my promise with the customer responsibly until the end, as always, without considering the immediate gains or losses. I will not forget my pride that I have been the driving force for the development of the domestic environmental industry, but I will be reborn as a comprehensive environmental company representing Korea. Please give us a lot of guidance and encouragement so that we can continue to work hard through continuous change and effort.

Thank you.