Business performance

Incinerator, boiler, and SDR replacement work of Incheon KBTECH Unit 1

Construction of incinerators and prevention facilities in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do

Jangheung Immun Medical Waste Incineration Facility New Installation Construction

Construction of incineration facilities for Gumi National Industry Unit 3

Gyeongju Construction of Environmental Industrial Waste

Rationalization of Pohang Dongyang Eco Incinerator Unit 2

Business Environment SNCR Part Water Piping Facility

SDR facilities in the national industry

KG ETS DR Facilities

DS E&E Scrubber Facilities

Manufacturing and installation of anti-protec facilities in Wanju Co., Ltd.

Improve Tripper Room Environment

Fire donghae biomass wood chip store environment improvement system

Yeongdong Thermal Power Unit 1 E.BF Facility

ePTFE Membrane

Catalyst filter

Development/Production of Membrane Mask Material