Lab Introduction

Lab Introduction

The Microwon Research Institute is conducting research and development to strengthen the technology of incinerators and air environment facilities. In addition, research and development for high functional materials and new products to reduce fine dust is continuously carried out. Through various experiments and analyses, we understand the systems and problems of the overall environment, including environmental facilities and filter bags, and based on objective and scientific data, we find the cause and solution of the problem and play a role in meeting customer requirements. Working with government agencies and environmental companies to develop innovative materials and products, we have successfully commercialized polyetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is highly heat-resistant, chemical resistant, and durable. We will focus on developing new technologies and new materials that can contribute to reducing costs and increasing productivity, as well as meeting the 2020 emission regulations by actively reflecting on fine dust reduction and environmental problems. Furthermore, we would like to make every effort to develop products that can be applied to various fields such as semiconductors, medicine, medical, clothing, home appliances, automobiles, display, and IT.

research project

Major R&D performance (2011–present)

Number Task name Agency name Business expenses
1 High-efficiency ultra-thin PTFE Membrane Filter Bag Manufacturing Technology Small and Medium Business Administration 179,251,000
2 Development of PTFE Hybrid Filter for High-Cleaning Thermal Environment Using 8D Compressive Extraction PTFE Fiber Manufacturing Technology Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 2,533,334,000
3 Development of ULPA-grade PTFE Membrane Filter for Semiconductor Display EFUFFU Process Small and Medium Business Administration 781,823,000
4 Development of Energy-Saving High Porous PTFE Membrane Composite Catridge Filter Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 2,266,678,000
5 Development of High-Sensitivity Membrane Cabin Filter to Improve Indoor Comfort in Automobiles Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 1,243,334,000
6 Manufacturing Technology of Membrane Composites for Blocking Hazardous Substances (Hospital Phase) Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 177,400,000
7 Development of Technology for Collection and De-dust Treatment Facilities of SRF Type in Biomass Power Plant Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd. 700,000,000
8 Development of localization of adsorption hybrid type PTFE membrane filter for simultaneous removal of ultrafine dust and heavy metals Korea Energy Research Institute 2,177,630,000
9 Design and Demonstration of 15m Long Filter Bagcage Fine dust business group 305,000,000
10 High-strength Glass Filter Media Manufacturing with PTFE Membrane of Painful and Low Pressure Hand Small and Medium Business Administration 180,300,000
11 Demonstration of the actual scale of the dust collection technology for retrofit for improving the performance of electric dust collectors Korea Energy Research Institute 8,131,000,000
12 Development of Dispersion Collection System in the Tripper Room of Coal Transfer Facility in Power Plant Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd. 999,577,000
13 Development of a technique for collecting and removing particulate matter from the aluminium casting process. Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation 553,400,000
14 Development of ultra-high performance (6N) HEPA filter based on ePTFE membrane with high energy efficiency Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation 913,800,000
15 Resource Circulation Continuous Multi-Stage Screw Thermal Disassembly Facility Korea Environmental Corporation 990,000,000
16 Development of a customized PTFE membrane catalyst filter and filtration dust collection system for simultaneous removal of fine dust and nox in exhaust gases Korea Institute of Environmental Industry and Technology 1,663,500,000
17 Development of Painful Window Screen for Blocking Ultra Fine Dust (PM2.5) based on ePTFE membrane Ministry of SMEs and Startups 62,125,000
18 Eptfe membrane to bag filter for high temperature for the solvent free simsilling technology development and process improvements. Ministry of SMEs and Startups 250,000,000

research equipment

– Continuous facility improvement and R&D capabilities through their own technology research institute
– Conducting a number of large-scale national research projects in recognition of excellent R&D capabilities